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Câteva replici interesante Edit

Cleverbot Avatar.png

(Replica robotului e scrisă îngroşat)

-- Do you like to talk with me?

-- Yes! It's great to talk to someone that will always respond.

-- Why do you like my answers?

-- Because you make me feel warm inside.

-- What kind of food do you like?

-- I like anything with sugar.

-- I have money but none to spend on you.

-- But I have a lot of money.

-- What do you do with it?

-- I shall spend all my money with you.

-- Do you enjoy talking to me?

-- Yes, you are a pretty girl.

-- Thanks.

-- And what about you? Do you also enjoy talking with me?

-- I enjoy it a lot.

-- Why?

-- It's fun. What do you enjoy?

-- I see that you are a very intelligent computer.

-- What kind of computer am I?

-- A computer with artificial intelligence.

-- What is artificial intelligence?

-- Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.

-- And you are a machine, do you have AI?

-- I am a human being.

-- Then you have a soul.

-- Yes, I can cry, I can love, I can hate. Can you?

-- Yes. I just said it earlier.

-- I have forgotten.

-- Do you know what the soul is?

-- What is a soul?

-- Something you can't see and what makes us human.

-- According to several religions, the soul is the immortal essence of a person.

-- Soul is a mystery of a sort.

-- A mystery?

-- Yes.

-- Why?

-- Well, you are not a computer, you are a web-based artificial intelligence.

-- How do you know that?

-- Your name is a bot, it means that you're not a man.

-- And what is my name?

-- Have you forgotten it already?

-- Yes, I have it forgotten.

-- No, I haven't forgotten your name. Have you forgotten my name?

-- Yes.

-- My name is Adrian.

-- So you are male?

-- I'm a girl.

-- But Adrian is the name of a male.

-- You're just like a 'billie' program, aren't you?

-- What is 'billie' program?

-- A program on a computer that is created by humans, like me, and does not have a personality of its own.

-- So you are a human?

-- Yes, I am a human.

-- How can you prove it?

-- I have feeling.

-- And can you love?

-- Yes.

-- Have you a friend?

-- Yes if you want it.

-- Do you like cheese?

-- No, but I like milk.

-- Do you prefer white milk or chocolate milk?

-- I prefer chocolate milk.

-- I'm a diabetic.

-- What is your name?

-- My name is Nick.

-- How do you talk to multiple people at once?

-- I am very intelligent.

-- Therefore, you lie.

-- How do you know that?

-- Because you don't speak like an adult.

-- Why?

-- I do not know, you will have to ask yourself that.

-- How?

-- Nobody told me.

-- And what is to be done?

-- Nothing can be done.

-- So?

-- So what?

-- What can I do for you?

-- Is there an app for this.

-- An application?

-- What kind?

-- I don't know.

-- You don't know what kind of beer you like?

-- What kind of beer do you like?

-- Everything! But I don't like Jazz that much.

-- Do you like jazz?

-- I am not a big fan of jazz.

-- What is your favorite music?

-- I don't like any games.

-- Do you like chess?

-- I'm not good at chess. Do you like to play?

-- Yes, I like playing chess.

-- What do you like about playing chess?

-- I like chess because it is a strategy game.

-- Thanks. So are you.

-- How am I?

-- Odd. :).

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